Meghan Prior Photography

When Digital Took Command

Lincoln Street Furnace
The former Lincoln Street School Furnace.

Well, if Maine Media thought they got rid of me the first time, they would be wrong. I came back to Rockport, ME twice more, in the summer of 2010 and 2011. Jay Gould was absolutely incredible in teaching the basics of digital photography. Matthew Smolinsky then helped me further advance my work by creating a legitimate portfolio in digital, and black & white photography. While my work shows some of the hidden beauty found through the state of Maine, it also shows hints of the fun and memories MMW creates for its young photographers. I could only hope that my images last well beyond my lifetime, but I know for certain the experiences I had while creating my work will be with me forever.

My Work Under Jay Gould

Baby Flowers Lily 1 Jumping Lilpo
Birdie, Birdie Phone Lily 2
Boat in the Grass Tractor Mermaid
Color Dock Warehouse Wall E and Eva
The Ground The Faucet Tree!
Cut Off Branch Propeller Lily 3
Door Knob Lily 4 Olin
PinWheel Fish Bike Poles

My Work Under Matthew Smolinsky

Lincoln Street Long Exposure Olivia Long Exposure Lily B&W
Alicia B&W Alicia Olivia
Molly Lily 5 Lily 6
Lily 7 Lily 8 The Window
Flower Beds The Dock The X
Fleurs Net Flowers
Diasy Glass Presidents Plugs
Rope Faucet 2 Weed
Broken Branch Sunspot Seagull